Labuan Authority has just released a new rule permits the international entrepreneurs to stay and work in Malaysia via Labuan Trading Company with a simple and low capital set up!

Use LABUAN gateway to  expand your Asia Pacific Business…only 3% tax!

5 simple steps to set up your own Labuan Trading Company with Work Permit 2-years multiple-entry renewable visa!

Due Diligence and Background Check with your Business Plan
1-2 days

Register Company and Set Up Office in Labuan
7-10 days

Apply for Work Permit 
45-60 days

Apply to Include Your Dependents (optional)
7-10 days

Fly to Malaysia for Landing – visa stamping and opening bank account
2-3 days

(Estimate time-frame of full process: 2 to 3 months)

Single Point, Single Contact on Tricor Big Platform! Let your Labuan Business grow with Tricor!

Tricor Labuan spans more than 12,000 sq ft offices with a full team across Labuan and Kuala Lumpur, designed to
serve you conveniently, hassle-free at one-stop center!

No Wasting Time!

The foremost important step for us is Due Diligence and Back ground check. We analyse your personal information and business plan to ensure you are able to meet your objectives in Malaysia with higher probability and necessary approvals from relevant authorities.

Our Fee Is Affordable!

The fees will commensurate with our expertise and experience over the years as a full fledged Trust in Labuan value for your investment. Once your set up is fully complete, we will assist you all the way to comply with the regulatory framework as required by Labuan Financial Services Authority, Inland Revenue and other regulators in Labuan at peace. TRICOR is a reputable company and a power house business enabler of Labuan with undisputable professional service. We served more than 50 different nationalities, nothing shocks us on profiling the documents to get the licenses and necessary approvals you need from relevant Labuan Authorities!

Operate easily with Your Labuan company!

All companies set up in Malaysia or any other jurisdiction requires office set up, this is due to commercial substance presence for  tax proofing. We will provide you with the full set up!
Labuan Company is perfect vehicle for expatriates especially for new start-ups or new comer to Malaysia. One vehicle for both market (international and local Malaysians) at 3% tax rate!

Labuan Office Set Up and Space Solutions

Setting up your offices in Labuan has been made easy with state of art technology with conference call facilities. Tricor Labuan provides full business centre office from low budget to high premium offerings to meet your objectives!

Doing business in Labuan can be very challenging especially if your locality is far away and different time zone, we help to close the gap. We also empower you with Labuan knowledge to enhance your competitiveness and generate business value. With the one- stop contact point will save time and hugely convenience for you! Leave your Labuan back end jobs to us, create a peaceful mind for you to focus on solely on winning front business and opportunities!  Feel free drop us an email at to discuss with us on your needs!

What are the common business set up in Labuan?

Most popular are trading companies without trade license are the most common set up by entrepreneurs in Labuan. The trading companies covers import, export, e-commerce, consultancy, trading and advisory.

Other trading companies relates to banking, fund raising, factoring, securities, fund management, shipping, insurance, ICO/STO, Crypto Exchange, etc requires license approval from Labuan authorities to operate.

TRICOR- Asia Leading Corporate Service Provider, let us know of your needs as your business expands, our team will assist you expand to onshore Malaysia market and beyond! Other taxes relate to your personal tax as a work permit holders, please click here for complete information.

In order for us to better advise you on your eligibility and to meet business objectives in Labuan please send your enquiry thru this guided form….